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I.S.P.A. Group Spa

I.S.P.A. GROUP Spa provides its clients with a full, wide-ranging service. Our company goal is not single pieces, something that it is decidedly able to do. Our goal is to offer the full assembly of all details down to the finished product. We mean a complete, organised work cycle giving clients a secure, certain price. This undeniable, affordable characteristic is the result of various services (storage, shipping, quality control, complaints, etc.) performed and managed by a single party: I.S.P.A. GROUP Spa. An organisation enabling the customer to have certain delivery times and a certified interlocutor to settle any differences and misunderstandings. I.S.P.A. GROUP Spa has about 85 employees. Ever since the company was founded in 1993, it has developed systems and qualified collaborations to achieve a technically cutting-edge product, affordable and totally MADE IN ITALY. The operations area occupies a 12,000 m2 indoor area.


ISO 9001:2008

I.S.P.A. GROUP SpA is certified ISO 9001:2008


I.S.P.A. Group Spa

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