We commit ourselves everyday to let our customers always feeling fully satisfied, and to increase their  confidence in what we can offer them.

R&D on new tooling:

State-of-the-Art programs allow us to develop different items according to the needs of each customer, finding the right solution for each kind of application.

Foundry & Shearing:

Thanks to presses ranging from 300 to 1350 tons, automated processes and automatic furnaces, I.S.P.A. Group Spa guarantees the production of parts of different sizes in aluminum alloys.

Mechanical Machining and Finishing Department:

I.S.P.A. Group Spa is equipped with a workshop and a finishing department able to perform 5-axis mechanical machining or precision manual finishing if this is requested by the customer.


Thanks to its systems, I.S.P.A. Group Spa offers a powder and/or liquid painting process.

Assembly, Testing & Quality Control:

I.S.P.A. Group Spa offers its customers, if required, a complete assembly process in order to receive a finished product ready to be placed on the market. Thanks to the ESD certified installations, all types of lamps can be assembled, with subsequent functional testing. Product control is a fundamental step in order to guarantee a high quality level to our customers.

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