Our “Working Models” technology

At Ispa Group Spa we always put the customer at the center of all our activities. Our main aim is to deliver a product that meets the needs of transparency, quality and cost optimization (Cost Saving).

What does Cost Saving mean?
In the initial phase of a project there are many detailed pre-operational activities. At @Ispa Group Spa, we offer our clients the “Working Models” techology. This approach avoids the initial investment in equipment and processing.

What are Working Models?
They are no die-casting prototypes,  but components made of aluminum bars AW 6082 or AW 5083 and produced by milling process. This technology is employed and suggested to our customers especially forcomplex projects where a functional testing on the part is required.

 This service allows our technical staff to instaure a co-engineering activity with the end customer to meet the needs of the designer, getting a component which can be produced in series by die-casting process without any problem and with the highest quality level.

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